Professional Kitchen Remodeling

Start a kitchen remodeling project in Gig Harbor, WA

From the scratched wood floors to the worn cabinets, your kitchen is stuck in the past. Bring it into this century by calling Emerald City Restoration, Inc. today.

You’ll work with a general contractor to devise a functional and stylish space. From touch sink faucets to smart appliances, your kitchen will be transformed with cutting edge technology.

Are you already picturing yourself cooking in your chef-inspired kitchen? Remodeling will give you an updated area to gather with friends and family.

Our experienced team renovates spaces in Gig Harbor, WA and beyond.

3 benefits of hiring professional kitchen remodeling services

You want to redo your kitchen. The skilled team at Emerald City Restoration will help you makeover your space.

After 30 years in the trade, we’ve learned a thing or two about kitchen remodeling projects. We’ve seen many kitchen renovations gone wrong in the Gig Harbor, WA area. Usually, the problems occur when homeowners attempt to do it themselves.

When you hire a general contractor, you’ll:

  1. Save money. We won’t make costly mistakes that set back your timeline and impact your budget.
  2. Get an expert renovation. You could YouTube how to install a backsplash and live with the uneven grout lines. Or you can leave it to our trained crew and love the beautiful tilework.
  3. Enjoy your free time. Between work and kids, can you really dedicate hours to remodeling your kitchen? Focus on yourself, your family and your friends while we handle the renovation.

Take advantage of the benefits by contacting us right now.