Emerald City Restoration, Inc.

Cabinetry Refinishing

Before and after photos.  Click the thumbnail photos for links to larger photos.

Maple cabinets and fir windows and trim -before paint and tile.

Prep for laminate

New tile backsplash & laminate counter top

Durable industrial polyurethane paint

New VCT floor

Water and sun damaged cabinets

New veneer overlay

New veneer overlay

Finished Product:

Before photos with original stained oak finish:

After “Milk Paint” antique and wax process:

The oak cabinetry and fir flooring were refinished.  The counter top laminate was replaced with new oak trim.

Original maple cabinetry, the lacquer with white stain held up well except in high wear areas like around the sink and exit door.

The new finish created for the cabinets involved hand graining, faux graining with stain, spraying toner in lacquer and lacquer top coats.  This mean extensive masking to protect the entire kitchen.

The finished product.